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I am proud to be the owner of the Royal Bank Plaza Dental Centre. We are celebrating our 15th year anniversary in the Royal Bank Tower, in Downtown Toronto.

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2016 is coming to a close!

2016 is coming to a close and so is your chance to use your remaining dental insurance benefits!  As a valued patient, we want you to get the most from your dental care, but there is only one month left before your current insurance benefits expire (for most insurance plans, but please check as a few plans have different yearly expiry dates).  Call us now to book your appointment before 2017.nov2-dental-nsurance-benefits-1024x685

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Enamel Hypoplasia/”White Spots”

An interesting case here to present with regards to Enamel Hypoplasia.  These “White Spots” as it

appears in the photograph are deficiencies that may arise during enamel or dentin development.

From my experience, they may have no known cause, be caused by trauma of primary (baby) teeth

overlying growing permanent teeth, or be a result of systemic or genetic conditions or illnesses.

These “white spots” as it appears in the picture can be very visible and make a person very self

conscious of their appearance.

Treatment of the visible areas include removal of the whitish spots, Cosmetic Bonding with

selective composite layering to balance translucency and opaqueness with the natural dentition.

Dr. Lee

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Dental Implants have gone a long way!

Dental Implants have gone a long way to looking better.  Where the demands of a big smile requires ideal esthetics and colour, there are new innovations that have helped the implant crown look perfectly natural.  Not too long ago, crowns covering implants had a greyish hue which was indicative of a metallic base underneath the crown.  Nowaday, we have attachments (or “abutments”) to the implant which are non metallic that can eliminate the greyness or metallic look, and with the use of porcelain crowns, teeth can hardly be noticed as artificial.  See our recent case below where we used a “Zirconia” based attachment/abutment and an all-porcelain “Emax” crown.

Dr. Lee

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Dental Whitening: Is it for real?

Dental Whitening:  Is it for real?

When patients come in for a consultation for teeth whitening, a lot of times they are skeptical about whether teeth whitening really works.  “Is it a paint that makes teeth white?” or “Is it a polishing agent that removes stain?”.  Another common question patients ask is “How long does teeth bleaching last?”  Hopefully, I can describe the teeth whitening process, or sometimes else called, teeth bleaching, in simple terms. 

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